New winter characters


Oh rip. That’s weird.


I feel like theres something up with this
@Ana do you have a character named after you now?


Before the .hopscotch.


Probably @rodrigo I think.

Most people can’t add them. You have them. Play my link, the set image blocks work. And in mission impossible’ slink, the characters are on the stage.


You can change your to stage characters:

  1. Tap copy on the set image parameter.
  2. Click the list view (3 lines with eye) on the top right of editor
  3. Assuming that you can see each character as a collapsible editor, tap that object parameter. Now paste in the thing you copied


That doesn’t work, I tried it.


Which means you didn’t follow step 2


I 5ought I did I’ll have to try again




Out of interest, how do you make those GIFs of you doing things?


Wow! I haven’t seen this before on Hopscotch! Im not sure whether this is official or not yet, but it is really cool indeed!


Screen Record, trim, Convert to GIF via Siri Shortcuts/Workflow


I’ve gotta try that…


These are all really beautiful characters! I can’t wait to use them in my projects, if that’s a possibility in the future. :grin:


aww they’re so cute jfsidofjoisjfdsf


Can u not


Did someone dare you to say that on a bunch of different topics?


Nope. But T-series needs to be taken out.


When will these be added to the app?


I apologize but it won’t. That only boosts subscribers. If you want to make a topic about him, I suggest you do this. I am sorry, but this is unrealated to this.