New winter characters


Actually… I tested it. It doesn’t work, but that’s because ‘Set Image’ and all the secret blocks were made after the webplayer you are talking about. You can’t expect new things to work in old versions.


What is a webplayer version?


When they’ll be out is entirely up to THT. I reckon this will be a good update though. The dragging of values and other things makes it better. (Although it is insanely buggy.) Hopscotch Beta needs fixing! (Click)


Wow, those look awesome!

I love this one. It looks like @Amberheart’s style!



That’s why I was suggesting that Dylan get beta. The snowflake character would be better to use than the snowflake text art thing I found him


We probably got a while


A webplayer is basically what version of HS block code reader thingamajig you have. An old block reader isn’t going to be able to read new blocks.


Hehe that’s actually pretty true.
Does look kinda like her style


How 2 get beta


Were there any blocks that were deleted from public before?


Ana has a topic and rodrigo gave me a link somewhere in one of my GTs.

There’s prob a link or two here too


Ummmm… I don’t think so…
Btw, who is Amberheart?


You download TestFLight and click this link somewhere. Sorry, I’ve forgotten where it is.


Too much work :man_shrugging:


Wait… A link to what?



A link to download beta hs


These characters are honestly very cool! Can’t wait for them to come out.


Okay, now I’ve got to get this.
I’m getting back to actually coding now, instead of just hanging out on the forum setting practically every GT I come across to watching.


They are cool, from Petrichor’s pictures, but for some reason I don’t have them in the beta.