New winter characters


Yeah. My favorite is the deer.


Yeah prob.

I’d love to go mess around with the files and see if I could do something but I can’t access stuff like that


My favs prob the penguin. Deer is pretty cool too


Yeah. I would love something like that, but IOS doesn’t like that. I also wouldn’t want to stuff something up… :blush:


Just take link, take off and add .hopscotch to the end. Then add to the front.

You can also use the files app.

Or iTunes file sharing.


Can’t access either of those.

I’ll try the link thing


Ummm… I did what you said with the link and it just said ‘Access Denied’. How did you even know that link?

Edit: It said ‘AccessDeniedAccess Denied7923DCBD94185430uFMztLrLPxM1sDLFCb7EchzyVlOYM6uNDTFK5WYatX5eJlRULtJSzkHU0FSztyuP6tL0MOEAgMk=’


For example, to get my file names, copied the link.

Then got just the uuid.
Then added the other stuff.

And I know it because awesomeonion told us. Although if she hadn’t I’d know it anyway since it’s in many other places I’ve poked around.


I reckon the polar bear is my favourite… I like the penguin too though.


So… the link is this?


No. Re,ove the uuid from the front.


Where does the uuid go then?


Are either of the bugs I mentioned fixed in this beta?




I’m fairly sure the second one is fixed, although I don’t really get what’s wrong, but the first one isn’t. I don’t think that qualifies as a bug though. It’s just a feature that they don’t know how to implement. That would stuff up Last Touch. If you do think of a solution, you could tell THT, and they might implement it. Who knows?


Oh awesome!
Thanks. Are these out yet?


The first one is a bug, as it used to work so it was intended, there would be no reason for them to remove it.

Is the second bug fixed? Open this link and drop a set image block in one of the characters and tell me if it works:


You have to get beta, and then I think it should work.

Only some people have them. You might get them if you get beta?


Oh, or I can wait for them to come out Xd


Yeah true.

I’m not sure when they’ll be out tho