New winter characters


Haven’t started, but I have a spreadsheet:
Here is the topic: Hopscotch Project Betas (not the HS Beta app)
image What is up with this?


Ehhh there’s a lot more people but its a mini cult


I saw, but I just found it interesting that those four were four of the frequent posters on this topic


Screenshots @carpet

Also @Awesome_E apparently you can’t copy and paste set image fields to characters.

Although this is now the second set of characters that did not have a single project with them inside of set image blocks until I made one.


i love the big snow man! Thanks for sharing, very cool Richard!


Oh sweet.
Those are actually pretty cool.

@Dylan329, I think you’ll like that they have a snowflake.
That’s better than the one I found you,
That is definitely better than the telephone


Sloth transforms to Yeti (that will be such a good and OP move) in Duel :D
and anteater to polar bear maybe, plus @FearlessPhoenix’s suggestions


Aww yes! This is gonna be a great game
And maybe Star Girl or Chillana could turn into Snow Queen? And have epic snow powers or something?


Yes, just keep me up to date on the winter characters on this thread @FearlessPhoenix @Petrichor:
Hopscotch Project Betas (not the HS Beta app)




I have the beta… This is what they look like!


It wasn’t really working for me.
I just got the beta a while ago.

I’ll go play around with stuff again

Nope, still don’t have them.


Great you can add them please publish a project with them all as stage objects so I can list their filenames above


Here is a project with the characters. I don’t get what you want to do with them though…


That’s weird. Are you sure you have the beta properly installed? (I’m no expert, but that’s what I’d check.)


Yeah. I check everything too.

I’ll figure something out


@FearlessPhoenix wassup


The file names don’t follow the same pattern as every other object. I needed to get the seven I couldn’t be guess. Here’s a list of file names and objects
penguin.png penguin

QueenAna.png winterQueen

mistle.png mistletoe

snowman.png snowMan

Sleigh.png sleigh

Yeti.png shyYeti

snowflake.png snowflake

reindeer.png deer

PolarBear.png polarbear

elf.png elf

SnowGlobe.png snowGlobe


I 5ink only a few people got them to add.


Omg they’re so cute!