New winter characters


No. That’s odd.

Maybe it was a build or two ago.

I’ll check


Do you have to download the beta…?


Yeah maybe.




I tried it without beta and it didn’t work


Welp im on a school ipad so i don’t know if it will work


You need TestFlight.


TRy it on an iPad with the other two builds


I am on an iPad.

I’ll go try it



Didn’t work.


Secret Blocks 0.3 here we go @Petrichor oops don’t have the beta or testflight :(


Can’t find file names. Do you have the beta? Can you add the objects?


I just adore posts made by the Awesome_Electronic.

By the way, Apple provides a simple guide for TestFlight:



You have what, 4/11 done so far, right?


File names? Just change the Set Image IDs to the ones you listed. Don’t worry about trying to add a stage character (you can copy from set image, click the list view button to show all objects, then you can paste it into the stage object)




I’ll get the link


Oh yeah good idea


I don’t have Test Flight and I probably won’t for now


They default to monkey, interestingly enough, and oh my word new characters are gonna be a thing in my Hopscotch Duel - that will be a pain to code in as I have to make new abilities for them

At least I can make winter characters a “family”, which means they will share a move, or if there are variants of original characters it could be a transformation move


This is the most I’ve seen you post without deleting in 1 day… lol


What is Hopscotch Duel?

Sounds very interesting!