New winter characters


I could help if I could get into the files and the JSON and stuff maybe, but I can’t access that rn.

Too late tv, unless you get me as I post this


Do you have an ipad with the beta


You might be able to just add them if you do.

If you can, please publish it and give me the link (preferably without the part)


Update: I got the sleigh working too now.



I’m getting the beta soon…
I’ll see if I can do something for you then


Hello boo i am hiding from Fearless



Your posts have to be on topic @SarcasticTvHead.

(Did I get you?)


Not yet ahahahahha


Aww cmon.

Just remember the thing about being on topic


@Petrichor, in the project you just published, I can’t see the actual characters. I just see a bunch of monkeys

Can anyone else not see the characters or is it just me?



ok I’ll stop


You need the beta.


Well that explains stuff…

I’ll go get it right now then I guess.


Sweet. Just got beta.

Penguin, elf, snowflake and sleigh are the only ones that work for me.
Rest are still monkeys


Wait how do u get the beta


Do i just update or something


I think Ana had a topic for it.

Rodrigo gave me the link spereately somewhere…
Think it got lost tho


Ok I’ll see what i can do


Can you add them from the plus button?


I can only add the standard characters from the +

Why, can you add them from the plus?