New winter characters


@omtl New winter characters have been added.

penguin 64

winterQueen = 65

shyYeti = 66

deer = 67

elf = 68

snowGlobe = 69

polarbear = 70

sleigh = 71

mistletoe = 72

snowMan = 73

snowflake =74

File names
penguin.png penguin

QueenAna.png winterQueen

mistle.png mistletoe

snowman.png snowMan

Sleigh.png sleigh

Yeti.png shyYeti

snowflake.png snowflake

reindeer.png deer

PolarBear.png polarbear

elf.png elf

SnowGlobe.png snowGlobe


Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 18 [OFFICIAL]

Oooh. I should do that! :smiley:


Oh cool!

I don’t think they’ve done this before… have they?


Omg that’s awesome!!!


They haven’t!
But thank you THT! @ana @liza @rodrigo @awesomeonion


Your screenshots failed a lot


They did?




He just listed their IDs. He said he’d get screenshots


Ah ok but it said screenshots not IDS


Wait i read it wrong nvm


YAY!!! Winter projects here I come!


Okay. I am able to get elf snowflake and penguin, but can’t find the filenames for the other ones. @Awesome_E do you know if the filenames are stored anywhere in the webplayer?


When are you gonna get screenshots?


When I can find the filenames. Any ideas for what they could be?


Try some numbers between 60-64 and some numbers between 74-80 I guess?


Got you ?bjsjsjsjsjsjsjjs


They’re usually just the object’s name.


Well try their names…?
I was talking about their ids. If you get the id you should be able to get the name I think.

@SarcasticTvHead nope, you didn’t.


Got you now? Sjsjjsjs


I have their names. I tried them several different ways.