New Way To Move Character!


Have You ever want to know how to move character in a new way ? If you are good at coding, maybe you only know how to make a tap button or maybe a harder one joystick, but I found out a new thing That Is "Tap To Move!" I don't think anyone made tap moving before correct me if I am wrong, but I think it is pretty awesome that it move to your finger after tap the screen! If you want to know how to make it go here --> and read the codes it is really not hard!!!

  • useful :thumbsup:
  • humm not really too easy for me :confused:
  • nah I can make that in seconds :thumbsdown:



I can make something the exact same but WAY more easier with 4 different check of else's and with X and Y last touch and change Y/X's.


XD I don't use "change y" or X cause they bugs sometime
Use those will be easy you just move by the distance but still as I said it bugs -.-
So PLEASE don't think I am a noob coder... Just saying.


Don't you think their should be a Glide To x() y() block? It would be so helpful!


That's from scratch and if you use speed correctly you can do it


The change y or changes is not smooth enough


I built a really confusing game out of it on my collab..


Fgshdnshsndjd Link? Link? Link? Link?


Here's the link:


Option 3 on the poll is my answer :wink:


It pretty weird.. It look like they are in slow motion and why are they not going to where you tap xD


I guess something about clones...
Anyways I did not look at your code maybe it's in there