New Video Out! Pokemon Go!




What do you mean? Everyone can see it :D


We can all see it, but it's optimized for people with the subscription. Anyone can make it even if they don't have the subscription, it'll just be a bit harder if you want it to look the same


Yah, sorry for the confusion @CreationsOfaNoob. I bet you and PT could make it no matter what - you guys are amazing coders!


Everyone can see it
But it's only useful for subscription peeps


Look what this person did!

Even though it looks like s/he don't have a subscription, s/he could use the video :D


Anybody can watch the video, but it is more for subscribers!


Yes, I know :D
But I just wanted to point this out, mainly for those who are angry or feeling left-out because of the high price, that you can still make awesome graphics and use the "subscriber-optimized" videos even without being a subscriber :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I thought you were confused! Sry! But you are right, anybody can make it! :smile:


I can view the video but I procrastinate ;-;


Kewl! See what I did there? :sweat_smile:


I see what you did there


i made my pokemon go game without any tutorial.