New video from Hopscotch 2/12!



I know it will be great!!! How do you make a video on HC?


(Sorry for off topic ) but please fill in contest details!


Yay! This will be awesome it will be on YouTube right?


I would be interested in making a video, what software do you use for them?


I have an idea! What if... I wrote a script or something, and you guys at Hopscotch Inc. could demonstrate it!

A quick question though: On your videos, whenever you tap something, there is a cursor there showing the viewer where you tapped. I am unaware of this feature, could you tell me how to get it? It will be very useful in the video :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone else know this feature? I sound so noobish right now





Lol nope I dunno I'm a noob


I can kind of answer this questions! While I was at Hopscotch HQ making videos, I asked Alish how he got that cursor thing. He explained that it was a whole other App that made the cursor. He also noted that he had to redownload it again each time he updated Hopscotch.


Was he using mac to run the iPad?

brb testing


Lol testing at 10:00 pm. Nice.


No. You could do it without a computer!


I'm trying to recreate this with assistive touch

Kinda works


The Accessibility tab in settings is toooo confusing O_o


No its not lol


There's too many things. Wuts Recipes in Switch Control. Y.


Works on iOS but I have to wait until tomorrow to test if it works on video


All of you who wanted to make a video

•YouTube Account
•Don't be scared of your voice
•Hopscotch team uses a computer to record but you can use hopscotch
•iMovie can help with some cool features for your video
That's it

New video called cook!

I can't see it!!! I thought it was today!!!


See YouTube and my voice would bug my mom I think! She would not let me do it I bet! Cause YouTube is a very weird place!


Of course, you need a you tube account, the thing most children don't have :l