New video from Hopscotch 2/12!



You've asked for it...and we're making it happen :scream::joy::heart_eyes:

We're releasing a new video in Hopscotch TOMORROW, February 12th!




Yay! It will be great @Liza! I will have to watch it on phone once it comes out! Yay can't wait!!! What's it about?


That Michelle Obama gif added just the right touch! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What is the video about? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you pls make a video soon about music?
@Liza pls


@Follow4LikesOfficial You should make one! You have so much to teach :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We can help set you up if you have questions about how to make them!


Thanks! :D.

I'll try, but what app do you guys usually use? I don't want to use mah voice

Do you use iMovie?


I wanna make a video! But I don't know how to make one without using my voice and I don't know how to like 'post' it.


We would like to make one, but we have no idea how to make a video and stick it on Hopscotch, and we have no idea what it should be about. And our mom wouldn't let us. And what is the video about? I want to watch it ASAP!


Okay, Cool, But How Do I Record On My IPad Screen?


If you don't mind can I help I have experience in voices !
I've got an app that can change your voice too if you don't want your real voice coming out!


I can use Siri tho but it'll sound weird XD and possibly creepy


How do you use Siri? To change the voice? Or as a voice?!!




If you want to change Siri's voice, language, and accent (I think)
Go to settings, then general, and then tap Siri


Yeah, that's true. :sweat_smile:


Can't wait for it! I love new videos :wink:

That gif put the icing on the cake :birthday:


What?!? Backronds... What I need 2 know


@Liza Could I make a Logo Video for Hopscotch?


Or a background my friends are always asking me and a video would be awesom