New video coming out!


I will be putting a new YouTube video in today! It is something cool and mysterious!


It is out now! Yay! @alish, could you somehow add it to the videos in the video selection. I would love it and not everybody would have to go onto youtube.


I was wondering, what is your YouTube channel. :relaxed: I would like to subscribe.


Here it is @Puppies, Phase Studios.


I just subscribed! :yum:


Thank you so much, 10 subscribers now!


Thats a great idea, but they would probaly have to check the video, and then there's copyright!
I would like that to happen! I


I could send them the video file @Lavendercupcake by email.


@Phase_Studios I just subscribed! My YouTube channel is Rawrbear, like my forum/regular Hopscotch name. :smile: