New Users Guide - Where should you put your OA (Original Artwork)?


Where should you put your OA (Original Artwork)?

OA- Original Artwork

If you’re a Hopscotch artist, an aspiring doodler, or just like to draw, there’s a whole sub-community of artists on the Hopscotch Forum just like you. These artists share their work on a special, THT-approved topic called “Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc.)” or for short, the Drawing Topic (DT). This topic has been around for so long that there are actually over 20 of them! The easiest way to find the current topic is to scroll through the Latest tab, since it’s usually one of the more active topics. The Drawing Topics also always have the tag #bananas, so typing that in the search bar will also bring you results!

Now that you’re at the DT, here are a few things to remember before you post or comment on art:

  • Keep it appropriate. Everything that the Community Guidelines say about post content also applies to the art you choose to share. If you wouldn’t want your grandma to see it, or if your school wouldn’t allow it, don’t post it! This applies to dress-code-violating outfits, violent scenes or gore, and ship art. If you have to second-guess the nature of your picture, chances are it’s not appropriate.
  • Post only your own work. If you’ve ever had a lesson on copyright, you know that violating it is a really serious matter. Not only that, but it doesn’t feel as good to benefit from art you know you didn’t make. Instead of reposting, copying, or tracing someone else’s work, try learning from them and taking inspiration for your own growth!
  • On top of that, to prevent others stealing your work, we recommend you try using a watermark! A watermark is a piece of paper or a digital overlay that bears your unique signature (or your username). That way, if someone out in the Internet does try to take credit for something you did, everyone will know where the real talent comes from.
  • Be constructive, not combative. Constructive criticism is really hard to give and receive, so always make sure to take the other person’s feelings into account if you want to give them a suggestion. Remember, your goal is to help them improve, not to tear them down!
  • Keep it relevant. Since it’s a topic about drawing, keep your posts related to the art you see and the art you post. If things start to get off topic, either bring it back or take the discussion to another topic.

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