New Users Guide - How To Report Potentially Innapropriate Content

How To Report Potentially Innapropriate Content

Method 1: flagging

If you see a post that’s inappropriate or mean, you may report it by “flagging” it. The flag button is the third option of the hamburger menu that’s in each post.

After you’ve pressed the flag button, you will be asked to give the reason why you flagged it.

If you selected the “Something Else” reason, you will be provided with a text box where you can describe more specifically why you found that post flag-worthy.

Method 2: Tagging us in a reply


By using the method below, everyone that has access to the topic (most likely almost everyone) can see your report to a leader. See the section "Inviting us to the topic" for an anonymous way to report inappropriate behavior or content.

Scroll down to the bottom of the topic where the thing or things that you want to report can be found in and hit the “Reply” button. Type “@Leaders” followed by a short description of what you need help with. Every leader will be notified and help you out as soon as possible.