New Users Guide - Hopscotch Forum 101

Hopscotch Forum 101

Welcome to the forum! This is a place for talking about all your Hopscotchin’ needs! The forum is split up into several categories. Categories help split up the forum into different areas of discussion. Here are all the categories and their purposes.

Announcements- All posts in this category are either from THT or from the forum leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions- All posts in this category are questions. Feel free to ask any questions you have here! This post is also in this category.

Debug My Code- This category is for asking questions about your code and how you could fix a problem you are encountering with it. Other users are always happy to help you!

Hopscotch Academy- This category is for sharing code that you have already made, or teaching someone else how to make something in Hopscotch!

Collabs, Requests & Competitions- This category is for talking to other people about Collabs you are in, requests for artwork or code, or if you want to hold your own competition!

Design, Colors & Sound- This category is for discussing the design of your project in Hopscotch. This category is also for sharing your artwork and music!

Control Blocks- Control Blocks are arguably some of the most useful blocks in Hopscotch, but they can also be the most confusing. Ask your questions or explain something about them here!

Math- Need some help with an equation? Confused on what Sine & Cosine are? Talk and ask all you want in this category!

Bugs With Hopscotch- This category is for reporting bugs you encounter while coding or playing with Hopscotch. This category has two sub categories, one for bugs in the editor and the other for bugs in the player. If the bug isn’t in either of those than just post it in the overlooking category.

Meta - Hopscotch- Anything that’s Hopscotch related but doesn’t fit into the other categories goes here! Talk about your new project, or make a suggestion!

Meta - Forum- Talk about the forum itself! If you want to suggest a change, talk about a problem, or explain something about the forum, this is the place to do it!

If you are interested in a certain part of Hopscotch or a certain topic for discussion, set that category to watching! This will keep you up to date with all the discussions happening in that category.