New username suggestions?



Okay, I'm changing my name. I don't necessarily mind, because I got mine randomly. I'll change on the forum and hopscotch. I'd really like things from books. ESPECIALLY PERCY JACKSON AND HEROES OF OLYMPUS OMG BEST BOOKS EVER!!! :heart_eyes:. So please give me good suggestions. Never mind, here's a poll. I'm not saying I'll choose the one with the most votes, but I would like the community's opinion.

  • AnnabethAwesomeness
  • PiperKatropis
  • QueenHazel


They are all so amazing (to me :blush:) I can't choose! Ahhhhhhhh!


Sorry! You Can't Change Your Name On The Fourm!


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@Pokemon101, it is hard, but possible. You can change your name on the forum (I think), but it will be hard.


Sorry you can't change it, a leader can I think, but it's hard, and it crashes the system, sorry!


@tankt2016, you can not change it on the forum. :wink:
However, @Alliband you can create a new account, if that's what you meant. I like Queen Hazel, but choose whatever!


You can change your username, but only on a really new account (on the forum, at least).


Off topic, but why do you capitalize every word? It's really annoying.


Oh, thanks! I'll just change it on hopscotch then. btw, @Nerd4Ever, It's not off topic...


One more day left to vote!


Also, if you've got one in mind, share it with me. If I like it, I'll close the first poll and add it to another....


The poll is closed! I have decided. First, let's give honour to the names!

1st QueenHazel

2nd PiperKatropis

3rd AnnabethAwesomeness

I said that I might not choose the one with most votes, but I'd like the community's input. The votes have influenced me, but it's time I choose.

The moment you've all been waiting for.......




@Pokemon101 likes it that way :smile:


UMm LOLZ_rice-cookie:rice::cookie: should be your username