New User’s Guide - What Is The Point Of Having Multiple Topics?

What Is The Point Of Having Multiple Topics?

Topics further sub-divide categories. Categories group topics. A category all has one general topic of discussion, and topics narrow that down to one specific thing. The Debug my Code category is for helping people with their projects, which is what all topics in the category are about, however each topic is about one specific instance where somebody needs help.

Discussion in topics needs to be related to that topic, unless if it’s a general topic. More on that later. If a comment isn’t related to the current topic in some way, it can be flagged for being off topic. Flags get noticed by leaders, and we can and will take action if the post is particularly offensive or so incredibly off topic.

If you want to reply to a specific comment, hit the reply button under the post. If you want to post a new thought, idea, or question (or really anything that isn’t specifically related to the current discussion) just hit the reply button at the bottom of the page.

Here is a quick example:

Imagine a user wanted some idea on what to code.

You have an idea for them, so click or tap the reply button under the post.

Then write your reply, and then click reply once you are done.

Notice the difference between clicking reply under a post and clicking reply at the bottom of the topic.

Notice that the bottom post specifically says it’s replying to that comment. If there are several comments in between, the user you replied to will be notified that you replied specifically to that comment. Otherwise they may never know that you responded.