New user iPAD login problem



Hi! I just downloaded HopScotch on iPad iOS 8.4 and I try to create an account. I get an error message "looks your offline". I don't understand. I am online.
What could be wrong?


Hi @Superfruit, don't worry I don't think it's a Wi-Fi problem as the Community seems to be down at the moment. The Hopscotch Team will have to fix it. It might take a bit of time before the servers are up again.


@t1_hopscotch is right, Hopscotch is down and still is, but I'm sure the Hopscotch Team are trying to do everything they can. :yum::cat:


Ok Thank you! I will try later on today


Have you got something that looks like this?

If so you can still start to try creating projects without needing to be online. :yum::cat:


It looks like the Community is back up now so you can try creating a new account again :smile: