New update Yay!


The wait is over . Now we have all of the thing to Beta tester have been showing us. Yay. How do you like it so far.


I think it's pretty cool, but I'm gonna miss the old profile pics, and having the characters show up first:cry:.


Huh? Where? I don't see the new shapes


Have you updated yet ?


So happy! Now I can use shapes without using text object and their is a set color to, doesn't work on characters. @Hoppertoscotch, you have to go to the App Store go to Updates, and then look for Hopscotch and update!!!!!!!!


Me to but now the new shapes will help me with a game I am making.


@Phase_Studios and NOW it pops up. šŸ¤”


Kewl I can't update yet


And I just realized something- YOU DONT NEED TO CHANGE THE AVATAR IF YOU WANT! (Sorry caps) so I can still be cupcake!!! Yay!!!


Yes yes you can be that. I was surprised that it didn't change to the one now in its place.


I wanna be the first hopscotcher with a new pic


So far, I'm liking it! I made a logo for my Collab Team, TeamCoderz StudiosĀ©


The new update is sooooooooooo cool


I don't have the update yet, because my school iPad had the app store taken off. It sounds pretty cool though. Just curious, why are there so many topics like this?


Me too, but the update it still awesome