New update to the forum


The espresso machine would like to notify you of the new update to the forum. The tags adding area is now different.

The espresso machine is eager to learn what else is new, so please tell it.

Also, the espresso machine is not @Petrichor.
It is getting very annoying that you think it is.

First topic of mine? artclub+polls+more questions

The Nindroid has spoken:
This topic is disapproved because I don’t like you.


Seriously, stop being so critical of everyone.

Especially if it’s just because you don’t like them.


oh yeah dang how do you do that


Are you swati bang?
:thinking::thinking::thinking: Hmmmmm

You are being just a little too critical to some users, even though I agree with you that some topics shouldn’t really have been created

It’s a little rude to go up and tell someone: You’re dumb for creating this topic because something something something


The espresso machine has a statement for @JonnyGamer:
It is not @Swati_Bang. It enjoys her topics, however.
It also does not say that, you are putting words in the espresso machine’s mouth.


Why do you refer to yourself as it if you are a human


It’s a plotty twisto! :open_mouth:

No, I just don’t really appreciate that you up front tell people that their topic is unnecessary or bad. If you care about someone’s ideas, you should help them in figuring out where to do their stuff, you know. I would be glad to do that with you

(Ooh! Users could test stuff out in a pm or something)


im gonna keep repeating dis, why do you sound like a bot agggghhhhhh


The espresso machine has a statement for @JonnyGamer:
It assumes you mean it phrases it’s disapprovals wrong.

The espresso machine has an announcement:
Instead of giving a reason for disapproval, it will now say how to fix it, without using and advice section.


Uh coolio?
You’re gonna give some advico?

Awesome! :smile:

I’m outa them likems ugh


That is cool! But there are many tagging areas on the forum like for tags (#these-are-tags) and for users, and I can’t notice any change actually. What has changed? I want to check it out :slight_smile:


What is happening here?

I don’t have any alts… I would tell people if I had an alt.
I am really confused…


Culinus has spoken:
This topic is disapproved. (So is what you do)
No one needs to know what you think about every topic! You say topics are unnecessary yet you make unnecessary topics! If people wanted to know what you think they would ask!


that’s interesting

i am not espresso.machine

is espresso.machine jonnygamer?


it’s Nindroid, im pretty sure


The espresso machine has a statement for @William04GamerA:
It means when addding tags to a topic.


You made a typo lol not so sophisticated now


The espresso machine has a statement for @PartTimeFemale:
Please do not edit the espresso machine’s tags without its permission.


lol ur not my mom