New Update Secret



There's a secret to the new update with the followers.
There are new neon colors! If you had star girl as your pic before the new update, then now it's neon pink! If you follow someone with Robo, neon blue comes up. Here's what I mean:


I noticed that, it's really cool! (I can't like, so here :heart:)


Why can't you like?Longer


I ran out of them. There's a daily limit. Also, :heart:


I never ran out of likes.


Probably because you haven't liked enough :wink:


Of course I am member like you and I gave 83 likes.


Eventually, you'll reach a limit. Also, I give like practically 50+ a day, so that's probably why :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I noticed that too. I am now a watermelon and I have a really nice indigo (dark neon blue)


I just realized that too! I got a hot pink color ;^) (my face has a nose lool)


Lool is a typo for lol btw


You know you can edit instead of making another post


you could see this is the beta stage it was pretty cool


LOOL is Laughing Obnoxiously Out Loud


Can't you stop saying 20 characters and actually start a conversation?


actually i deleted the comment because i realised its off topic


well is you say good job or thank you you have to do 20202002020202


I noticed that i wondered why!! i thought it was a glich but right now i found out that other hopscotchers are seeing it to!


No, you don't. I'm tired of this 2020 spam!


but have you ever heard of the 20 character rule? thats why people keep saying "20202020" (sorry if im being rude)