New update problems



Hey! So, I just got the new update, and already I've noticed some things that need some serious fixing up, @Liza. When I first got on, the iPad rotated screens (Yah know, when like, if you turn the iPad vertical, or whatever and the screen rotates with it) the wrong way (vertical) for the way I was holding the iPad, making it harder to use. I tried to go and play around with one of my drafts, the flower pixel art tutorial thing, to test the copy and paste feature, and the video tutorial came up, and when I tried to close it, it didn't really work. I hit the edit button, and the tutorial video went full screen, and hopscotch froze.I exited out of the game, and tried again, the only difference was that the video did not go full screen, it just froze. I tried it one more time, same thing, and when I hit edit, Hopscotch froze and crashed. Has anybody else been having problems with the update?




I might not be on the forum for a bit, @StarryDream. I might be going to @Mystic_Woods's house. We'll drown our sorrows in Korra.
Wait nvm


I know!

@Liza, @Rodrigo, @Thomas, you have got to fix this! We can't draw anymore because of the tiny space of project shown when published!


Yah. @OnceUponATime is literally begging me over texts to come over to my house and drown our sorrows. @Liza, @Rodrigo, @Thomas, Help us. I can't live without hopscotch.


FYI: You can zoom out.


Oh. This is the first big update I've experienced. Oops.

Thanks, you're a life saver!


Btw, other than the few....Ok, many bugs, I'm excited about this update. I was literally just making trail art, and thinking of how annoying it would be to recode it a million times.


Actually when drawing u can flip the I pad the right way!


R u guys like friends...what, do u know each other?


U can flip the I pad to the way u want it to when drawing it worked for me....


We know eachother irl


Wait what..we do in real life...we know each other??. I'm confused?????.??


Me and @OnceUponATime know each other irl


BOT maybe? :D


How do we know each other?.? I'm confused lol!


Oh that's cool anyways BOT!


Goodness gracious! There's an easy solution to this! Just find the resolution of the tiny space shown and draw in that area! Duh! :stuck_out_tongue:


Or, as long as you're using a pad that was published before this update, like CheerfulOwl's or @PopTart0219's, you can still turn it to landscape and draw.

Your first post?
What was your first post?

I know! The way the iPad turns stinks, the new format is inconvenient, only good thing is copy and paste feature. WHY HOPSCOTCH WHY?