New Update Preview


This is a sneak peak of the new update!!!
• Log-ins are coming back!
• You will no longer loose draft changes when offline:
You can upload your changes when you are back online.
This new update will be out in a few weeks!


See the photo for proof!
(P.S. This is on HopscotchBeta app, so don't look for the update yet!)


Here's some here


Wow, it might be kinda confusing at first. But I think I forgot my password, how can I log back in?


Did you set it up with an email?
If so when you sign back in press the change password button


I did not set an email..


Hey @Berrymelon! You'll be able to recover your password if you entered an email. If you created a password but no email, you'll have to email us. And if you never entered either, you'll have a chance when you first open the app after updating!

We can't wait!


How did u get the beta app?


You need to email hopscotch for a link


Thank you! I sent them an email.


Thank you for the information :smiley:


I can't wait!!!!! This is so cool!


My email ■■■■■■■ wasn't spelled right so I have no idea help me!!!!!!!!!!


You can't just take over my post. But I forgive you 100% percent! Tots fine!


When the log in feature was there, I wrote the wrong email! What do I do?!!!


Exactly I have no idea either


@Crazyicecream @Queen152 well I'm happy my password is my password for like everything and it's based off my cat so I remember and I know my email by heart......