New update Needs explanation



What is up with the new update?!?!
It’s mega cool but what on earth is =<? A sad face?
I figured out what width and height is but, =<?
I’m glad we finally got the “Is not pressed”
But than again, could somebody please explain <=?


@FunDardo it means smaller than or equal to, sort of like previously having to do (if x>3) or (x=3), but in one condition.


in normal coding thats how less than or equal to is expressed.


<= is less than (<) or equal to (=).

It also says so in the whats new area on the app store.


Yeah, it’s less than (<) or equal to (=), not a frowny face :wink:
And the other one is greater than (>) or equal to (=)


Normally the symbol is ≤ or ≥ but they probably didn’t want to confuse anyone. Like the others said, it just means ‘smaller than or equal to’ or ‘bigger than or equal’.

Hopscotch 3.33.0 with new winter characters

=< is less than or equal too, and >= is greater than or equal to


Oh I see! Thank you everyone!


In math, there is a thing called inequalities. Say if you said pick any number from 1 to 100, 1 and 100 would be included. So it would be1<=x<=100.

Btw, I can get the confusion. I didn’t know about less than or equal to/greater than or equal to until a couple of months ago.


I´m happy that you got your explaination!