New update is more confusing


Dear Hopscotch,
This new update is confusing. The little blocks were easier to use and the solid blocks of colour are really big and divert attention from programming, while they take up unneeded space. Could you do something about it?
XOXO Awesomeewa.


Welcome to the forum :D


Welcome to the forum!


Here are some topics that you can check out to get started :D


Welcome to the forum! Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime you want! I recommend trying out the new editor! You'll learn to love it I'm sure, just like I did. It took a while but you can do it!


Welcome to the forums!
Here is a cool little topic about some amazing cool tricks that you can do on here!


Hi @Awesomeewa! Welcome to the forums! Just put an @ in front of my name if you need my help! Here on the forums I'm a moderator and a Leader!

Can you explain your complaint a bit more in detail? I'm a little confused. :stuck_out_tongue:
PS. I hope you don't mind that I changed your profile picture to the AMAZING Phil Perry. XD


Well the thing is that this new editor is supposed to conform to the iPhone editor.


Welcome to the forum!



Welcome @Awesomeewa


Welcome to the fourm @Awesomeewa! I assure you there will be lots of fun on the fourm! ・゜゚・:.。..。.:・'(゚▽゚*)'・:.。. .。.:・゜゚・*


Do you mean the iPhone editor? I don't like it either.