New Update Ideas?


Hey guys! It's Snoopy here with some cool ideas! Add your own, too! @Liza @Ian @alish

-Full Screen Mode: Whenever I make a card in Hopscotch, the buttons sometimes get in the way.

-Bookmarking projects: You could bookmark a project if you want to look at it after.

-A comment section on projects: You could add a flagging option to the comments too!

-The @ thing on Hopscotch too!

-Inviting people to projects.

-A Hopscotch email, for instance mine would be: or something like that.

-Set character to: To alternate between characters easier

-Picture import?


-Follower count/stats?

-BRING BACK PREVIEW!: I used this with my music, the preview highlighted all the note blocks, so I could see which note was wrong. Now its GONE FOREVER.... Please bring it back! :sob:

I'll add more, but these could improve Hopscotch a lot!


Things That Need To Be In Hopscotch

100% on the hopscotch stats

  • Full Screen Mode
  • Bookmarking Projects
  • A Comment Section On Projects
  • The @ Thing On Hopscotch Too!
  • Inviting People To Projects
  • A Hopscotch Email
  • Set Character To
  • Picture Import
  • Follow Count/Stats



I love al these ideas. Photos would be EXTREMLY useful for me right now in The Aptitude Test. There isn't really a good way (besides emojis) to make the logos, and I. Terrible at emojis and all that stuff.


Inviting people to a project might become a hassle, since everyone would be inviting MagmaPOP to their project!
Emails aren't a good idea since they could be used for inappropriate things. Pictures could also be inappropriate.
Everything else seems good, especially the @ idea.


I just need the photos for this


Emojis don't really cover these :sweat_smile:


Hehe I started divergent yesterday and now I now about "Tris". Apparently "Tris" is Beatrice


I was thinking that projects with pictures should be sent to Hopscotch first before being published. And thanks!


Maybe, but it would take a long time. Also cropping would be good too :wink:


Yeah! I'm super excited for your project to come out, but I know I'm getting Divergent! What symbol are you using for Divergent faction though?


Mane for the tree you take the donut shape and grow it and put banyan behind like this... It's not as cool though


And sliding blocks 2020202020


Well Divergent isn't a faction, so I'm not using a symbol, but for the other factions I am


*facepalms self.
Yeah, I just realized that. I've read all 3 books so I know everything!


Ideas I have for Hopscotch:

Abilities in the Whens menu to save time

New avatar ideas that I said here:

A new When: When _____ plays sound ____

More detail to your profile, adding bios, stats, and a 'banner project' that comes up huge at the top of your profile page, like a project you're proud of or one that is about you!

Badges! Like on The Forum! This will give people something to work to other than likes and follows. Also, count profile views! More motivation!

A record button for all of Hopscotch, not just in projects! Say you wanted to record a Hopscotch YouTube video, you wouldn't have to stop recording between projects! And a record button for the editor!

A new report! Begging for likes/follows/plays ect.

Notifications for... Features, reports, game changers, trends, badges (which hopefully you add!) unfollows, so and so.

New Hopscotch characters! You know the little creatures like the green devil and the cat-person that you see in the illustrations of the 'Being Awesome' page in 'Help?' Those would make perfect characters!

That's all for now, but it's my dream Hopscotch. I'll edit with more if I need!


Those are really nice! Especially the profile stuff and activity!



I am so excited for new updates...


I guess they're busy with the iPhone version at the moment...


My ideas would be folders for your drafts so you could organize, such as this:
Folder would be 'Music'
Inside folder:
Drafts such as 'Star Wars Theme!', 'Let It Go!', and so on.
Another idea would be this:
A couple new check once if inputs! It would be like:
Check once if ('Value') equals ('123' Or '456')
And the other input:
Use Whens in Check Once If!
Also, it would be cool if there were more instruments.
Thats all, I will reply again if I have more ideas.