New update ideas!



.json files are basically JavaScript text files.


Is that a bad thing?


I made a statement that a " set image" block would lessen the amount of code needed for animations.
You can decide for yourself how you feel about that idea.


When making animations, it's not even fun code. it's just copying and pasting stuff.


I make my own sprites when animating.
This can be more difficult than coding, especially if you are trying to make a 3D background/level
I don't have the hopscotch subscription, so i can't do this with Hopscotch


Which is exactly what @K1ish and I are working on! :D


We need this. Like a "change pose" block for images


Finally figured out how quotes work. Thanks @Rawrbear


No problem. :smiley:


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Alright, installing. I already had an account. :D


Let's GBOT guys.


Those are great idea! Maybe post in this topic?