New update ideas!



I have many ideas for hopscotch, and here are some:

  1. Maybe you can add comment blocks. You place the blocks so it says what you're doing inside the code!

  2. Add commenting on projects. Some (Let me rephrase that. A LOT!) of people don't know about the forum, so they can't share their comments about other people's games!

  3. A set image block. We can't change the pictures we add into projects. Think about it... animations will be SO EASY!!

  4. A quote from my old topic.

So what do you guys think of these ideas?

  • Comment blocks would be awesome!!
  • Commenting on levels would be cool!!
  • A set image block would be epic!!
  • Real code would be so realistic!! (xD realistic)


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What do you guys think??


Hello? Anyone there?!?!




Most game making apps don't have set shape/Sprite.
That would be an interesting feature


These are some great ideas! I like the idea of commenting, I would love to give people compliments on their projects, as long as the commenting is moderated somehow.


Doesn't it ruin the whole point of images?


You can code for all sprites to be in the same position and have only 1 at a time showing.
Being able to "Set Image" would make a little bit less coding needed.


These are some pretty epic wonderamazing ideas! I have thought about these myself, they would all be super cool and so helpful! The only thing with the comments is some people might make mean comments. Maybe they could have a filter to make sure no one says anything mean, and maybe you have to be on HS for a certain amount of time first? Idk


Why didn't I think of that? Those ideas are awesome!




Great Idees! Maybe email THT?





If you want to see the "real" code, just open the .json file for a draft :D


Get ready to get Dino m8
IDK lol..
Cool ideas!


For #4: YES. YESYESYES! Like in GameMaker: Studio, there's drag and drop, but text based coding makes it much less limited. Hopscotch text based coding (as well as blocks, like in Tynker) would be amazing! I'd totally learn it! :smiley:


Too complicated to actually code with. You have to install iTunes to get into there, then you have to eject the file and make backups of the .json folder directories in case you screw it up, then you have to import it back to iTunes and the app, then you have a chance of corrupting Hopscotch with your project. In-editor coding would be much more flexible. :smiley:


Yeah, it's pretty complicated. I was just suggesting a way to see the .json that is actually possible as of now :D


Ummm... What's a Jason file?