New Update idea

Ok I have a cool idea idk if you will like it but I will help me a lot
So basically you know how for example you have the "when ______ is tapped..." block, well what if there was an option where you could add " _____ Or _____" in blocks like "When ____ is tapped" and stuff like that. You could also add the "or" blocks into other "or" blocks, this would be very helpful for long code chains like makeing a website or a phone. It would make coding a lot easier! I mean I know we have the rainbow blocks... but it would help me a lot and make me not as frustrated when trying to work out my codes. I think THT could try it and I think it would just be a lot neater and organized.

  • Yes I like this idea
  • Well it needs a few changes...
  • I don't know, but you could improve on the idea a lot
  • I'm sorry but I don't really like it
  • I HATE it!


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I suggested this in August! We need it, though with variables and when blocks we can do something similar.


The problem with polls like this is people are more likely negative
Put [public=true] at the end of the statement so you can see who voted


I like this idea a lot! This would make it much easier to code!

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:3 thanks guys I just came up with it when I was doing a long chain of when stuff is tapped and I was just tired of clicking the "when" blocks so much, so I thought "hmm, what if their was an "or" block?" And then I was bored so I just came up with how it would work.