New update idea! 👍💡


So I love coding with this app but sometimes it feels... Fake. Like, I know it is coding in a way, but not really. So in the next update, I fell like there should be a way to see your code that you do from the blocks. Does anyone get what I'm saying?

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New update ideas!

I get what your saying!

This would be very cool I have seen this on other languages before.

But the thing is hopspctch uses diffrent languge a so it will be really hard for them to make this happen!:sweat_smile:


Yeah true, but maybe it could transfer that could to simple scripting languages like JavaScript.


That's what I saw something do maybe, but it would be even harder then!

Maybe like Ruby on Rails?


And I forgot to mention, another feature I would want is the feature to place comment blocks in your code, so if someone looks at your code, they know what is happening.


That's a really good idea as well.:slight_smile:

But what if someone just typed bad words or mean stuff?


This would be amazing! I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday! :00000 :D

Like you could press a button, then your Hopscotch code turns into (I believe they use) Swift and Operative C! That would be awesome. You could learn what goes behind the code that you code! But I think it would be pretty hard to make a function like this within Hopscotch. Great idea though! :D


True, but you're already able to do that by placing text blocks and naming your games. Maybe if it had a filter of what words you can use It would work... But there's the middle finger emoji too.


@BuildASnowman did a hopspctch code generator, maybe he could help add this!:grinning:


That's what they do in the SPRK lightning lab app for the Sphero robot. It transfers your block by block code into oval code.


I have to leave this topic for today. Everyone else, keep discussing this topic!!



Bye had fun chatting great idea!


Ya. I think dat we should have like a little tab on the coding blocks so you can see the code in Java or Python or something.


As in, like, show how you code it with like Python and Lua and JavaScript and all that real complex coding languages and stuff? Yeah, I totally get it and I think this would be cool!
And please search before you post, as there are other topics to post this on.


The only problem is that your hopscotch code is not actually code being converted to swift or something. It's just being run through an interpreter which tells the iPad what to move around on the screen. And you can't just take any language and turn it into any other language, even with the most intense supercomputers. But, if I extend the functions a bit, I'm sure I could try to do this... Give me a few days :slight_smile:


Thanks @BuildASnowman


There was a coding website we used in school and it had blocks like hopscotch. When you where done coding, it showed you the code in another languages! I thought it was so cool! This would be hard to put in hopscotch, but I think BAS could do!


What's the website called


I'm not sure.. It was a website for the hour of code thing!


I just want to try the website