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This is where you can discuss the new updates. You can give feedback on talk about old ones.



Topic in waiting, no need to see

I love the new update!

I really like the layout the best. :)


I think theres 2.5 billion topics about this already... But anyways....

Im mixed

Im not motivated anymore to do my 3D duck sim thing because of the new update.

I do like copying and pasting.
I dont have the time to do hopscotch its self right now....

But ill get used to it?


This can be reused
Not the other ones though


I think its pretty good, It just takes time to get used to it.


The top post had 4 likes when I typed this.

Next posts were 3, 2, & 1. :00101100

4, 3, 2, 1.

This could only be the work of the wizard with magical chakin powers. (You know who you are...)

I'll get back on topic now!

I think the update has many cool features in it. I really like the copy and paste things, too!


In my opinion
I rate the update 5/10
It seems like they changed a "culture" of coding for me


Ye...I would rate it

9/10 :D


I honestly LOVE the new operators, and conditionals. The new layout is cool to, the only problem is now it takes longer to code, but I'd still give it an 8/10!


It's too complicated that my little sis who adores hopscotch cried when she saw it and said "IM NEVER GONNA GO ON HOPSCOTCH AGAIN I HATE IT" what's wrong sis? "It's too hard" sob sob ....ok ok it's alright "NO ITS NOT I LOVE HOPSCOTCH BUT ITS TOO HARD AHHHHH" back away slowly

Yeah u get my feelings for it same as her


I rate the update a 11/10 :D
To me it's so much more organized and easier to code in general. The layout of the update motivates me to code more complex projects! (Like my recent feature pug pixel art which was my second project with the update!) I love copy and paste! I love holding my iPad portrait!


So I am not the biggest fan of the new update, but some people do like the update, so I can't just say #bringbacktheoldway, because other people won't like the idea. So, why not add a button which switches the old coding style and the new coding style, to make both groups happy. I am on the phone right now so I can't show an example, but I think it makes sense what I am saying. So just think about it :slight_smile:


This is a good idea, but there's already a lot of topics like this :0

Do you wanna recycle? :D


Really? I didn't know :yum:. Umm is there a way to delete a topic?


No, there isn't sorry D:

You can recycle...?


I have nothing to recycle it into...


I'm sure you'll think is something :wink:

What about a general topic?


I already have a q and a topic I think...


Well, a general topic is different to a q and a :3

You can talk about stuff!


Umm sure... What is a general topic exactly?