New update! Bigger editor? Or is it just certain devices? And new layout. And a bug/glitch?



some blocks that use math can extend a lot and are hard to edit because you have to scroll to your place, and especially with putting blocks in other blocks, because at some point the area gets so narrow that whatever you are editing becomes uneditable (15-20 layers in)


Yeah that’s true. I can’t really see someone needing to use that many, I haven’t even seen it.


Yeah I guess. But just rounded to the nearest 50, so it is all even. Or round 768 up to 800, because everyone loves more workspace,


I use that many.


but most ipad screen resolutions are 1024x768, so increasing the editor resolution will make everything all blurry. Well, except for the better displays (2048x1536), but that would ruin backwards compatibility.


Would it really affect it that much? Ok than maybe then round down…


that would also make everything all blurry. its best just to get used to the numbers, like 512 and 384, which is the exact center of these displays and things.


So weird though…just having everything uneven…


its actually very even. (literally)
in the tech world, a number like 1050 isnt so very ‘even’ as 1024, or say, 4096.


Ok but I mean like, I forgot the word, ummm I am in Algebra I should know this, like it can be multiplied by 50 evenly to get a number


well, if they ever come out with displays with resolutions with multiples of 50…


Would yo like it more like that? Honestly I don’t think it being blurry is to big of the deal by looking at the editor…it is tan with white lines,l.would the projects be blurry too?


yep, the project will be blurry if the resolution isnt right.


Oh ok…why can’t apple make them even?:rage::rage::rage:


because multiples of two or something.
try a google search


But 50 is a multiple of two…
(Gets triggered)


iPad Pro 12.9 in only.


Actually… Heres a comparison. Top is old, bottom is the most recent as of now.


I have to say, the new layout is better, but the width of the old editor is something I miss.


The edges of blocks are now also a bit unnecessarily thick, I think. They don’t need to be as thin as previous versions, but they take up quite a bit of space.


So now the editor has a width of 2 x
And the length is 2(2x) making the perimeter 12x?

X represents pre - update values.