New update! Bigger editor? Or is it just certain devices? And new layout. And a bug/glitch?



A new update just rolled out!

Categories now have 3 projects wide isntead of 2
Gonna take a while to get used to.

And I would like to report a possible bug.

I clicked on “looks and sounds” and it didn’t move all the way to the left like it should.
Do you like the new update?


Well the movement and sound blocks both fit in the same screen so it would be fine. I will check if it is an actual update or not.


I think HS did ipdate but I feel like some of them are exclusive to the iPad Pro. I noticed that the main screen where it asks you to sign in has changed. Also the looks&sound scroll to position did change a little. As for the 3 projects in a row and larger project space, no.


I like it! I wish I could play the new update though. Unfortunately, I don’t have an iPad or iPhone.


Yes, the iPad Pro screen changed a bit with this update. The community layout (3 projects wide instead of two) is unique to the iPad Pro. What do you think of this experience?

The login changes are for everyone. For a limited time (Hour of Code), you can open Hopscotch and start creating without an account.


Cool update! I’m excited for using this new update in Hour of Code next week! :smiley:


Cool! As there are several screen sizes for the iPad Pro, which ones will have these features? The 12.9 inch or the 10 inch one or both devices?

This is super awesome by the way, thank you for sharing if @Dylan329! I don’t have an iPad Pro so I can’t try the new layout and the iPad Pro features, but other than that, I think that it is cool!


Looks like only the 12.9in. On the 10.5:


Yep, the tabs don’t line up properly anymore:

@Liza will the default size of the objects be smaller on larger stage sizes (projects made with devices with larger screen sizes)?


Hai, I noticed a little bug:

I searched a name and this came up… they are both the same name… same profile, same games… just to do them came up


This update (and the new sizes of the editor (for the iPadPro)) is going to take me a while to get used to.


Gotta update my iPad now. I’ll let you know what I think.


I feel like the blue area where you put the code should be a bit wider.


Yeah that’s cool! Are normal ipads getting bigger editors in the future? Does this mean that if I play projects by people with iPad Pros that some of the project will be cut off or will it be scrunched down? I don’t know because I have an iPad and that used to be the largest editor right?


Yes, it will be scaled down.


i still dont enjoy the fact that the editor doesnt run wide in landscape.


Okay, I thought that as the 12.9 inch one has a significantly bigger screen than the 10.5 inch model. Thank you for telling that!


I feel your pain! This is something that we’re thinking about and have on our long-term improvement list. Are there particular areas or behaviors that are especially annoying with the landscape editor?


One annoying thing about landscape is that the editor isn’t completely even. It gets cut off. Could the width be exactly like 1,050 (I forgot what the actual width is) and the height can be exactly 750? @Liza


1024x768? i assume thats what you mean.