New update already?



You're just looking through your apps, searching for something to do, when all of a sudden you see a notification bubble on the App Store. You look, and it's another Hopscotch update? The third one in what, two weeks?

Ok, enough with that (idk why I even did that). What I want to know is, is there anything majorly different about this update? I don't have it yet, and I want to find out more about it before I do update.


First reply...
So many updates...


I know! It's crazy! (But necessary...)

Do you have the new update?


It's small, but I found out it fixes the bug that pushes you into portrait mode when making a value (which is really good).


Yay! I'm glad about that.


I do have the update...
I just noticed not to while ago.


LINKS WORK NOW!1!1!1!1!!



@CreativeCoder Which version do you have that fixes the push into portrate when making a variable?


The most recent version of HS I believe is 3.2.1.