New update - All questions answered!



So i have done some research about the new update! And Heres what i have found!

Deleting objects blocks abilities and others

to delete objects drag it to the bottom of the screen

but when in code . To delete blocks take the block and drag it to the side of the screen

Or you hold down on it then click delete button in the bottom right corner
To delete whens and blocks then you drag it to the side of to screen or hold down it and click the delete button
To get rid of values or math then tap on them then click the delete button

Value renaming

To rename values go to the value area then hold on your value after that then there a rename value appears


press and hold on the ability you want rename or delete then rename and delete buttons appear above it

Copy and paste

so to copy and paste you just hold down on any block when or object

Then click on copy
Then to paste hold on the area where you want to paste then paste should show up

Then just click paste!

If you have any other questions than just ask!

The New Update! 😢 Or 😍
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