New undiscovered characters on the home screen?


Ok guys I wanna show this to you (final countdown music plays)

I see bear and jobs but what are these other characters? Are they new characters that hasn't been added yet? You can see this if you tilt your iPad forward. I just wanna know who these are >~<




I've had this too! I was gonna post it, but I forgot.


They are a collection of the hopscotch characters. See if one of these match is


I also saw Dino and space pod. Could anyone pull up an old picture of the hopscotch logo screen


This isn't a glitch/secret characters, there used to be all the hopscotch characters in that screen, and it seems like instead of taking them out, they just pushed them to the bottom


How do you get those characters?


Which characters are you talking about?


Ok this is getting sense to me now. But why did they put it on the very bottom?


Idk cuz they felt like it :sunglasses:


Wait, where's chillana and star girl?


Wow, that is an old version of Hopscotch!


Well I don't have Miss Cheif and Mosquito, but I saw others have projects including them.


The current version looks like


It was probably more work to remove them, so they just pushed them


When did you start hopscotch?


I bought the characters (I had money). It s Mosquito, mandrill, Jeepers, Venus, and Miss Chief


November 2014


Okay I'll slip out of this conversation.


When I started hopscotch in December 2014 I saw the old screen. It brings back memories :slightly_smiling: