"New" topics preferences?



So I decided to change in my Preferences "consider topics new when created in last 2 days" (default) to "consider topics new when I haven't viewed them yet", because why not... I saved it, but in the New section, it's still says the preference is 2 days. I reloaded and it still doesn't work.

Any ideas?


Yikes! Maybe there's a bug with Discourse, or maybe you forgot to click Save Changes when you changed your Preferences?


I did save it...it's not really major, just annoying :confused:


I'll check to see if this happens to me too :slightly_smiling:


I checked to see if it changed in mine when I hit save, and it did. I changed it back, and it worked fine. Maybe try to do it again?


Gah, I tried on another one and it still doesn't work. I'll try changing browsers..


Jeez, Discourse has been trolling me lately. A few days ago I wasn't getting notifications, now this? Wow...


That seems to be selected now in your user profile...


Exactly, and that's the strange part of it..


hmm where does it say 2 days? can you paste a screenshot?



Ok I admit the terminology there is confusing @codinghorror however it says

"By default, topics are considered new and will show a new indicator if they were created in the last 2 days."

Its a very excellent suggestion to change the wording there to be aware of your user pref.


That makes sense...hmm, I'll wrap my head around that for a bit..