New to the forum plz help


can you all please give me some pointers :grinning:


Welcome to the forum!
Tag me anytime you want help! Just type "@KVJ"!


I recommend reading the Community Guidelines if you haven't already.


thanks @KVJ your really nice


Hi I see you play Roblox
What game was that also
You should check out this topic


Thank you!
By the way, you'll have limited replies on your first day, so be aware! If you run out of replies, just edit one of your earlier posts, using the pencil, and reply there.



Welcome to the forum!

Wanna be friends?


thx dude your nice 2 I really hope everyone is nice like this on the forum


yeah that would be very fun


yeah I added 100 because it was already taken because I put te wrong email and I couldn't change unless I signed u again -true story-


Your welcome!
Also if you want a avatar like me click this link



You can call me:


They pretty much are on here. Hope you have a great time!

And you're more than welcome :slight_smile:


ok li li :wink:


Nice username!

It's creative!


I am also new here
But I have known little maybe :ok_hand:🏻
What do you say about we being friends?


That's cool :sunglasses:


Wanna know a hack? To not use 20 letters


Welcome to the forum


Do this <hhhgvfzujbbghh