New to the forum of hopscotch


Hello. I am Pink sheep. Destined Taco gratefully gave this account to me. I don't know what to do.

A tag of friendly and BAS approves list




I guess no small humans are on today.


Are you sure?


Oh boy! Hello I am Pink Sheep, I come from New Zealand.
One question:
What are those things that look like a talking thing and a b and a I at the top of this?


This is just an April fool isn't it!?


It might be a April of fools.


Hello pink sheep, I will now steal your wool and run away


Hello as well, I am sonic the hedgehog, but people call me greatness and check out my latest update


Hello.I am amiibo trash.


Hello pink sheep! Don't say you've taken over a Hopscotcher's account... Sigh...
First it was DanTDM, now @Destined_Taco1


Wait so it's a hacker... Sigh


Do you know who pink sheep is?
If else:
(Hopscotch Project)


I LOVE EXSPLODING TNT sorry I get excited when I see a YouTubers name!


Yes do you small humans know how to use this forum? I am confused.


Please do not say humans it's creepy!


Huh, but I am a sheep, you are a human, it is normal for a sheep to call a human a human.


Ram outta likes ("for the first time in foreeeveer")


No, I am Steve, and this is my sword :dagger:...


Cool April Fool's day topic :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


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