New to the forum! Meet me on hopscotch


**Hello, on hopscotch I am Katrina-카트리나-,
I'm not new or anything, I'm just new to this FORUM, so I guess I'm kinda confused. Get on hopscotch, and give me some tips.


Welcome to the forum @Katrina-Katrina!

If you need any help, @ me by doing this: @Dude73 and I will try to help as much as I can! :smile:


Welcome to the forum! :D

Here, we can discuss Hopscotch-related things, post tutorials, ask for help with code, help others with code, and more! :D

I would recommend looking at this topic, by @Yummy__Muffin:


Welcome to the forum! Like with the above, just @ me by typing "@KVJ" to get my attention if you need help!
There are loads of tips, tricks and bits of advice which may appear soon!
Always here to help if possible,


I'm looking back at my old posts and I am laughing so hard.
The way I posted and how many times I changed my username...

Just, wow myself.


You're not making any sense.


Okay, you need to stop saying that.


Seig Heil!

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What does that mean?...


It's a salute.

{I just googled it, I wasn't sure either}


Silly me....
So yeah...