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.....I'm new to the forum
Hi! I just joined!
I am new to the forum! :D
I'm really new to the forum!
Hi I'm new to hopscotch and I'm Sarahswag
New to the forum plz help
Welcome, alexcoder202!

This is perfect to the new forumers!


This is great! I wish this topic had existed when I was new, because then I'd legitimately know how to do anything


*slow clap*

Nice repost


hush wms 7th grader kid who doesnt talk to people in science olympiad and sits on a stool with your backpack on the lab table and looks at ms LC the whole time


the scioly tryouts are tomorrow whoops didnt study at all hahaha


But my backpack wasn't on the lab table

It was on the floor


I literally studied minerals for 5 minutes and that's it


I wished this was here when I joined I was totally lost well I still am...


well at least you studied something last year i went to one tryout and i left early didnt do anything except yell at my partner to do everything and you were supposed to do like 2 events i did one and left early

still got on the alt team ahahah

if i dont get to main ill probably leave because all the clubs are on tuesday this year so crazy


Wait didn't you already make this topic


They took out Entomology, which was the only thing I actually deserved to be on Varsity for.

so i'm a spectator this year
have fun kids


ya but i couldnt edit it because i was demoted so i edited it on a new topic :thumbsup:


i was beast at picture this until this kid in 6th grade decided to make us LOSE

so i did write it do it last year literally drew out the whole diagram to my partner and talked to him for like 10 minutes


maybe next time maybe next time heh


That sounds terrible...

I think everyone in SciOly has an experience with a bad partner.

During State competitions, my partner for Entomology screamed and threw the canister of silverfish we were supposed to be investigating across the room and it hit the event supervisor...

My partner was an 8th grade guy.

I was in 6th grade.


you can imagine my disappointment


Omg that's sad
Last year I stayed up til 2am building a bridge for the bridge event

It worked well

Can't say the same for the other team who did bridges tho XD


Eric the 8th grader and Mark who is in your grade broke their bridge at the day of the meet so they brought two sticks and used that as their bridge

they werent in last place i am not kidding


They weren't in last place...?

shiv is having a think


much impressed

I'm surprised that we (me and my Entomology partner) didn't come in last, seeing as that lady who he threw living silverfish at was grading our event...



we have such high standards for ourselves xD


Second to last

I was very surprised

They actually tries to build it the morning of the meet and it fell apart. Then they presented two sticks as their bridge

Very smart