New to Hopscotch Forum! Hi everyone!


Hello there!
QueenAnastasia here!
The joined the forum a couple of days ago!
So I actually don't know anyone.
Any help?



Welcome to the forum!


Here are some good topics you should check out:

To notify people, tag them by putting a @ in front of their username, like this: @CreationsOfaNoob



My true identity is a female human by the name of Lucy. Naoto is my Persona


Hello, welcome!

If you ever need help, tag me like this: @bluedogmc-official


Hello and welcome to the forum! This is teh perfect place to talk to other Hopscotchers, ask for help, help others, share code, make tutorials and lots of other stuff! I hope that you will enjoy being there!


Thanks, that was really helpful



hi nice 2 meet u
I'm @hermione tag me if u need helpwith anything!!
BTW can I change the title of this topic ? It was a bit confusing at first :wink:


Please do!
I don't know how​:blush:


Whoops I meant I don't know how!


If you accidentally post something that was misspelled, you can tap the little

symbol in the bottom right of your post to edit it.


Sorry that I haven't been on Hopscotch for a looong time.
Just telling I haven't quit!!!!
It's just that I've been playing in a chess tournament and I keep coding instead of playing chess.:smile_cat:


Can someone tell me what’s going on on Hopscotch?

  1. Who’s on featured
  2. Who’s won the logo competition…