New to Hopscotch forms?



Hello I'm pixel I'm pixel. On hopscotch but who cares but if you do leave a like better not follow. So if your new to fourms thanks for picking the topic this descustion is here to help all beginners and until you get the hang of things hopscotch on and on forums.


Hi @Pixel! Welcome to the forums! Some helpful topics to check out would be the Communit Guidelines, if you haven't already, and a topic on some cool forum tricks.


@Pixel has been on the forums since the middle of January... We all make mistakes.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you, @DragonLover975 for showing my topic.


Well he said the topic was for beginners...


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Yeah, for beginners. Not that he/she is one.:wink:


Hey thanks for helping the topic and I could see why you would think I'm new but I'm trying to HELP new people not that I'm new. Thanks again for posting.


This is my guide to being a happy hopscotcher

Be respectful

Don't post mean or bad comments and dont flag someone on porpoise

Comment away

Instead of laughing at stuff that is wrong correct it or give feedback don't be a bad hopscotcher


Enjoy your time

Everyone should be able to go on happy and leave happier


I'm a he and I'm proud of it (not mean). I still would be proud as a girl


Same. I'm a boy too.