New to forum please tell me about everything. Can't understand it


Pleaseeeeeeee?Help me. Help!Help!:sweat_smile:


Welcome to the Forum @Colorfly!

This is the place where you ask or teach others how or what to code!
You might be thinking, "How did you get that profile picture?".

Firstly, see that letter C on the top right corner of your page? Thats where you get notified on the stuff of people who mentioned you.

Click that and a menu will pop up. Click your name, and you are at you activities page.

Then tap Preferences, thats the settings menu.

Over there, find and tap the pencil beside the letter C with some text saying "Profile Picture".

You can import a picture to be used as your profile picture!

There are many many other tricks in the forum!

You never know you might stumble into one!

To make a common poll in your posts, type in:

- whatever you want to put here
- same here

The limit of the number of choices is 20.

To make a Filed text like this,

Click to open

Its me!

[details=Name of the Folder]
what ever you want to type

To make a blurred text like this,

(click it to unblur the text)
Welcome to the Forum!

[spoiler] Whatever you want to type [/spoiler]

And the text i used to make that unicode text?

Put 4 spaces in front of the sentence!

Isn't it cool?

Welcome to the Forums!


Woah!!It seems that you are a mind reader.I actually thought first how to add a profile picture! Thanks for giving me the information. It was very helpful!:smile::smile::wink:


Hey! The forum is awesome!
Here are some helpful articles! (Click them to go to the post!)

To find more information on using the forum, or any other hopscotch question, click the blue magnifying glass, and search your question. If nothing comes up, go to the home page of the forum and click ask a question button. A screen will pop up where you can type your question. Then, click create topic and your question will be posted! Remember to keep all questions related to hopscotch!


There are also different trust levels. The longer your on the forum, the more it will trust you. As you move up, you gain more abilities and more likes. To learn more, click the blue magnifying glass and search user trust levels



Yyeeeaaahhhh!! 202020