NEW THT surprise (don't look THT)



Grrr.. Had to make a new one of these because the other one got closed. So, back to where we were. Anyone can help. I decided, based on the poll on the last one that we're gonna compromise and do a generic thank you card WITH a story of how THT has helped us. Please, I'm gonna need a lot of help, and everyone is welcome to join!


I'll join!


So we have to make a card, for THT, to say thanks right?


Yup! I thought it would be nice, since they're really helpful and I feel like they deserve a thank you.


That is a very nice thing to do!


Are you going to make the base project?


I'm gonna tag all the forum peeps I can think of, we need a lot of participation so that when this gets published it spreads around HS quickly.
And yes, I'll make the base project.


Ok! What do we start?


Um, it should say Thank you to the Hopscotch Team in big letters at the top. If anyone knows how to do leave a trail letters that would be great. Underneath we should have some quotes from Hopscotchers noting a time when THT has helped them eg. THT makes great videos that inspire me to code more- Random person
We should have a theme too, like animals or flowers to decorate the card with.


I'll start on mine! I have a perfect thing to use!


Comment with what your thank you is, and I can put them into a project
What should the theme for decoration be?

  • flowers
  • animals
  • smiley faces
  • other


Pls do the poll! We need to make this decision as a group


I'll, just make the project and give link if that's ok.


Never mind, let me give you a few complements


Please reply with stories about how THT has helped you! I really want to start this!
Mine: I was super worried that I had lost my account, but I got help from the Hopscotch team and now I have my account back.
THT has great tutorial videos that taught me how to code! Now I can make a ton of games and, virtually, whatever I want to.


(Get the tissues ready)

So, I was balling my eyes out because I just broke my arm. Then I got 30mins of IPad time. The Hopscotch app, that's what I chose to do for the next 30mins. The community and THT changed my life in 30mins. That's why I'm so glued to Hopscotch.


So, the card should have the 5 most touching stories and a sentence summing them up. We won't have room for a lot of stories, but still, the more the merrier. Please, forum peeps, send me your touching/nice/funny stories about how THT has helped you


Maybe you could get @XiaoMiaoMi and's story.

(Makes me cry everytime) :disappointed_relieved:


K, if you have one pls give it to me. More the better!


The decoration could be iPads, iPhones, Hopscotch logos, etc.!


My only touching sad story is when I run out of likes. :sweat_smile: