*NEW* Third "Annual" Hopscotch Games! (Progress: Contestants chosen)




Today I am going to start the third annual hopscotch game, there are going to be many challenges that you will have to beat, from coding, to drawing, to answering riddles. It will start with 10 or more contestants and everyday one or more people will be ELIMINATED the last Hopscotcher standing will earn a HUGE mystery prize...

So are YOU up for the challenge?


  1. Every 6-24 hours a challenge will be posted in the forums, you must respond in the time given or you will be eliminated NO EXCUSES!
  2. If you don't get in this time that's okay! I will make another hopscotch games when this one ends
  3. If you want to get in respond to this within 14 HOURS, limited spots will fill so hurry while you can!
  4. Have FUN!

Players joined:


Previous Victors:




Come on everyone! It will be fun I promise!


Ok, I will be the first to join!


Alright sweet!


I'm joining AGAIN!!!!


@DancingLollipop has joined!


I'm sorry I would usually join but I have SO much work, with stories, games, collabs, requests, school, and extra stuff to top it off!! Really sorry! :grimacing:


Sorry to hear that, hopefully you can next time!


Can I join? I feel like everyone in this hates after what I said but that's in the past I will be a better sport :expressionless:


Sure you can join! And nobody hates you. Sure we may have been upset at the time but we forgive you.

@Fifithefunnyflower has joined.


It's on!!!


I fixed a spelling error in the title because it was bugging me A LOT.
Can't wait for the games to begin!


Can I join!


Yes you may!

@Hermione has joined


I would like to join :stuck_out_tongue:


I will try. Annual means yearly by the way, so I don't really think this is an annual competition since it happens more than once a year. Don't feel like you have to change anything, just wanted to point it out.


I would like to join. Again.


Can I join?


name = "crazygoat"

print(name + " wants to join")

(if you typed that in python it would say crazygoat wants to join)


I don't know Python but I do get it!