New things and old things


I am gonna talk about a lot of things so sorry about the essay!

Challenge games:
Some games I made on my old account will be coming to Bomb sauce try them out here

A update has been released 0.2.0 adding in a new enemy

Mario tapper:
Update 0.5.0 hits hopscotch with some new things in the shop link below

The z box:
Just a fun little project with two games something I'll work on here and there link is below

Finally some free to use text if you want to use them (my favourite is the lightning text)
Shadow text
Lightning text
Lava texture
Rolling credits text

Ok now that's out the way I just want to talk to everyone that has liked and supported my games.
Everything is appreciated from just opening the project to giving a shoutout for me it and just thank you maybe we can hit double digits on a project I don't think I have yet anyway countinuing.
Thank you The Real Funky 63 for liking one of my projects your my favourite hopscotcher and I like All your games!

~Bomb sauce


Kewl! I'll check some of these out in a bit!


Your projects are really cool! Those text things look great!

And Fear is pretty cool too! I like how you can look behind you! And the texts at the start look awesome!
Maybe you could make it a longer game?


Also love the Lightning text!

And the credits are cool but they overlap and make the text difficult to read. An example


But overall your projects are cool!

I'd love to see more so I followed you!
Keep it up!

If you need help anytime just tag me anytime on the forum!

I'll stop now :laughing:


Yeah that's a bug with the credits and thanks for checking them out :slight_smile:


I am working on some more things with fear @KVG


No prob :stuck_out_tongue:


Kewl but who is

? :stuck_out_tongue:


I trying to tag your name I failed lol


Lol a lot of people do that :joy:


Lol I prob making a scratch acc now