New tab: Rising? And some hashtags were removed



I found a new tab called "Rising". By any chance, I think Rising means starting coders with cool projects. Does anyone know about this tab? Also, some of the hashtags were removed. Anyone know of this? :slightly_smiling:

Bring back the tags!

I Flagged You But Dont Worry, I Did It For A Reason :confused:


Hey @HappyDolphin @MagmaBurst1 @Electronixguy! We decided that we wanted to feature more projects than we were able to with one Featured channel—there's just so much good stuff on Hopscotch!

So what we did is create a new featuring channel called "Rising".

Rising is going to be a place where we show off cool projects from new or up-and-coming Hopscotchers. "Rising" will have projects by Hopscotchers you may have never heard of. We hope this increases the types of projects and inspiration everyone sees.

Does this make sense? It's kind of an experiment and we'd love to hear what you think! Do you know any new Hopscotchers that deserve recognition? Let us know!

As for the hashtag channels; we removed some because they were getting really messy and chaotic and off-topic. Did you use those channels a lot? Do you miss them? Why?

Would love to learn more!

Bring back the tags!
Hopscotch is acting weird

There is a channel that I would use very often: #Logos


Interesting, @AHappyCoder! Did you put logos in there? Did you see other people putting logos in there? We might add channels back, depending on how many people want them


Wait...was there a #Logos channel?! I often put my logos in seems the best current channel for logos?


Ok I can't find the rising tab but I found the Game Changers tab



The tabs are like categories. If we only had 1-4 tabs, then all the projects would be hard to see from. It would also be almost impossible to see all the projects in one category. Tabs are helpful for us to be more organized and it could also be easy to look through!


Ooh sorry, my bad. I meant to say #art channel. There wasn't a #logos


Sorry this is off topic (i think) but I have updated and none of the projects have any likes?


@HappyCoder We moved the like count to under the title, next to plays and length published.


The rising tab is the 3rd tab see

and game changer tab is probably like a :fire: tab with amazing and inspiring projects I guess!


Ok thanks @InnerSparkle


Yay! The new rising tab sounds like a great idea. It is doing well right now!


@Ian yes that's a great Idea. I myself am a new hopscotcher. This is my sisters forum account. I love Hopscotch and I am making subway surfers currently!


Right. Yes I understand why but I thought it through. No one would get offended. I in fact am half blind so yes (That was quite personal,to me)


That's a great idea! I see so many smaller hopscotchers that never get noticed :worried: so there's more chance to get seen :smile:


The ":fire:" tab is now called game changers


Exactly! YAY! This is our goal with the channel :), @Lavendercupcake!


Yeah I saw some pretty great projects on there, from hopscotchers I've never seen before too!