New tab? Featured Art? (Suggestion)



Pixel art & trail art could still get onto featured, but what about the brilliant drawings? Perhaps there could be a new tab for that? I know she’s left, but just look at _supergirl3acer’s_drawings. Others make amazing art as well. No half a second doodles allowed. Only drawings with lots of effort. And also the trending tab might not be so full of art and could actually have some coding in it


There’s already topics for this smh


I didn’t see any on the similar topics.



Oops, I thought you meant custom art.


That’s already on hopscotch


Oh, so this is a suggestion

  • Featured art tab
  • No Featured art tab
  • Don’t care

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I think that this would be a good idea! But I know that @hopscotch-curators already work a lot on Featured and it might be a little bit too much work for them.


Let’s not. HS is for made for coding,and a featured art tab is just gonna encourage art. We need to encourage coding,since there’s too less of it now. Featured tab promotes some artists to code.


I don’t really think featured art will reduce art on trending. The art on featured wont be on trending,but what about the art that’s not featured? They will go up trending.


Sorry. It was just a thought


Everyone else is going for it, though


What do you think, @hopscotch-curators ?


Just put an @ before the persons username to tag someone
Ex. @my_pizza


Oh okay thanks very much!


Good idea! I love it!


I think you could email THT about this, they would probably consider it because they like to know what Hopscotchers want to see for different tabs. They also just added a tab a few days ago, so I’m sure it’s worth a shot!


I really think we should not make an featured art tab. It will make artist think “Oh,I don’t need to get on featured,because there is an featured art tab!”. It will increase art.


Maybe there could be something in a new update which only allows you to use your own art pad, as so many people use other people’s. That would reduce the amount of art by about four fifths. Also, it might encourage people to actually make good art. Don’t worry, the main Featured tab would remain superior.


Hmm… That’s really hard,and almost impossible. Featured will remain by superior,but art would increase a lot. That would tear HS to bits.