New swag: bags and iPad pouches 🎉



@Liza why stop my one conversation?


Welcome! From what I saw, that thread was about playing tic-tac-toe, not making one in Hopscotch. The point of the forum is to talk about making in Hopscotch :slight_smile:


I'm going to make a tic tac toe game :slight_smile:


Really? Awesome! :DDDD


I'm so happy there's new merchandise! I have a few other selections also :slight_smile: :

  • Stylus Pens They shouldn't cost too much to produce and I think they will be highly popular, you could also have the hopscotch logo on them :hugging:

  • Hopscotch phone cases These will be expensive to make if they're made properly but will be equally if not more popular than the other merchandise

  • Hopscotch hats They would be reeeally cool! They could have different patterns and colours with the hopscotch characters and logo on the front


Woah that is so awesome!
I hope you come out with even cooler merchandise soon!
It will be cool!


The black hoodie with the hopscotch logo
that's what I think


Wow, I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay late.🤣

This is so cool, but I can't get a bag to fit my iPad in.:confused: This is still really awesome though!:grinning:


Come on people it was a great idea...

actually it probably wasn't but I'm weird lol


I like that idea!

but I was the guy who said you should make hs toilet paper... lol


Hopscotch toilet paper? Ummm....

I think that we should have HS hoodies (Everyone's saying that I know) with the designs from the other shirts and accessories.


Hopscotch posters
Pencil cases


Hopscotch Fidget spinners.


They're a craze now, aren't they?


Please no


I think they already have notebooks, but I think that there could be Hopscotch posters, folders and pencil cases


Yeah. That was a joke. Fidget spinners suck.


Whatever you say.....


I think we can do some of these. Soon. But we've been working very hard on some very cool things.


That sounds awesome :D